Making a reservation with Tairawhiti Tours is easy. Simply work through the form below and select what tour options you would like to enjoy with us while on your stay in Gisborne.

All standard packages start at 9am and finish at 2.30pm

Due to the variability of guest numbers and packages you will be sent a quote once we receive your booking.

Indicative costs for standard packages are inclusive of all costs for transport, food & beverages:

Tour for (2) $450 per person + GST

Tour for (3-8) $ 280 - 380 per person + GST

Tours for (9 or more) $180 - 250 per person + GST

*Cost of extended tours on request and custom designed tours encouraged

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Our Place preferred tour: Beauty & the Bush
  Beauty & the Beast - Knapdale Eco-Lodge
  Beauty & the Beast - Wilencote Hereford Stud
  Beauty & the Beach
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ADDITIONAL TO STANDARD PACKAGE ' this extends the day out to eight hours (8 hours) Please tick if you also wish to take one of these options.
Special Add-on: Start at 6am with breakfast on the beach with bubbles
  or finish with an afternoon stroll along Wainui Beach, then a glass of wine & tapas back at SOHO restaurant & bar
  or finish with the Gisborne City walkway, then a glass of wine & tapas back at SOHO restaurant & bar

The tours will generally continue if there is wet weather as we do have options to stay dry and view from the coach. Items I suggest you take include camera, raincoat, personal spend and additional warm clothing.

All food & refreshments will be supplied on your tour and there would be no costs to incur apart from your own personal spend .

I would be interested to know more about these items while I am staying in Gisborne: Accomodation
  Walk Gisborne
  Dive Tatapouri
  Charter flights - fixed plane or helicopter
  Beauty Treatment
  Sports Training